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Your skin at its best!

Your skin at its best!

Your skin at its best!Your skin at its best!Your skin at its best!

About Me

Meet Azar


Azar Salehi is a licensed aesthetician, with over two decades of experience in the beauty industry. In addition to beauty and skin care, her background includes permanent makeup and post-surgical reconstructive cosmetic tattooing.

Azar strives to make the most innovative skincare techniques, equipment, and products accessible in a relaxing atmosphere free of frills and intimidation. Clients with complex skincare needs such as acne, aging, Rosacea, hyper-pigmentation, Psoriasis or environmental and seasonal sensitivities will find Savant Skin Care treatments particularly effective and valuable.

Whether you are new to the world of premium skincare, or a returning client, Azar will begin every session with a thorough assessment of your skin type and daily habits and will create a treatment plan to help you achieve your desired outcome. You will leave your appointment feeling rejuvenated and confident with new knowledge and tools to protect, heal, and nourish your skin.

Skin Care Year Round


From cleanses and detoxes to yoga and food challenges, I have many suggestions for continued care and maintenance of your skin. We can collaborate to make your skin look fantastic!

Clear Skin, Clear Mind


Healthy skin is just as important as a healthy mind. Looking for mind and body care tips? Let's chat at your next appointment.

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If you are ready to take the first step towards better skin, you can use this link to book your appointment online 24 hours a day, or contact me if you require further assistance. 

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